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60-Day Transformation Changes This Mums Life

60-Day Transformation Changes This Mums Life
Monica Green
Writer and expert1 year ago
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Meet Jade, mum to Kingsley, and participant in the Myprotein 8-week transformation programme - ‘The Time Between’. This is the series where people sign up to prioritise their health and fitness over a 60-day transformation, guided by an expert PT.

From fad diets to weight training to veganism, Jade is no stranger to the fitness and nutrition sphere. From the age of 16 she’s been doing what she can to workout, and trying her best to keep healthy and most of all, she was enjoying it - particularly weight training.

However, back in 2020 the universe had a different plan for Jade, like it did for most people - the nation went into lockdown. Gyms shut, people were limited to exercising outside for 1 hour a day, and for Jade, motivation was at an all time low. And snacking was at an all time high.

FYI on fad diets…

Fast forward two years, Jade has a young child and little time for herself. Since the pandemic Jade developed some negative feelings towards her body, and describes it as ‘the worst she has felt about herself’.

The mental toll on Jade is clear, and some tears were shed when she explained her motivation for wanting to tackle a fitness transformation. In short, Jade wants to love herself again. She wants to be in photographs with her son and be confident in doing so.

PT consultation

Prior to starting the journey, Jade discussed her goals with Myprotein PT, Keira. Keira then crafted a training routine alongside a nutrition plan for Jade to follow.

As a mum, Jade has a busy life so it was important that she was able to shape the regime around real life. The workouts were quick, but effective, with four sessions a week.

In terms of nutrition, the same rules applied. The meals needed to hit the appropriate macros while still being simple and quick to include within Jade’s existing schedule. An unrealistic plan is the first step towards disaster, it’s important to identify what is achievable and go from there - this is where a PT can come in handy.

Fitness assessment

Prior to beginning the 8-week transformation, Keira put Jade through a strength test. And then at the end of the 8-weeks Jade would go through the same test and will have a good indication of how far she has come.

Assessed exercise Day one result
Plank 37 seconds
Squats (in one minute) 19 reps
Push-ups (in one minute) 16 reps

Meal plan for fat loss

Kiera also put together a detailed meal plan to support Jade's new workout regime. Putting Jade into a calorie deficit while still maintaining high protein (approx. 145g) to keep her feeling satiated, and allowing room for the foods Jade enjoys.

Keep in mind that this meal plan is tailored specifically to Jade and won't be suitable for everyone. Consult your PT or nutritionist for a meal plan suited to your diet and lifestyle.

Daily energy intake Protein Carbohydrates Fats
1950kcal 31% 46% 23%
Breakfast 355 kcal
Snack 1 250 kcal
Lunch 505 kcal
Snack 2 275 kcal
Dinner 570 kcal


First four weeks

The first week rolled around and Jade was off to a strong start. She’d completed her first workouts and was also experiencing a sign that she’d worked hard - DOMS.

Day three hit and Jade was trying to get a good night’s sleep when Kingsley had other ideas, leaving Jade feeling exhausted and craving sugar. Luckily a strawberry protein cheesecake was an option to tide her over without derailing her nutrition plan.

Towards the end of the first week motivation was a developing struggle. As a self confessed ‘scale addict’ Jade had been checking her weight to see how she was getting on, but she hadn’t actually lost any weight despite working hard in the gym and sticking firmly to her meal plan.

A scale can be a great way to track progress, but also an efficient means of demotivating yourself and derailing your plans. Our nutritionist has actually shared some tips on how to use the scales to your advantage.

Focusing on the small wins Jade noticed that during the programme so far she’d been able to eat three meals a day, which she never normally managed to do. Plus, she was able to increase the weight on the movements she was doing. And she managed to stick to her plan even when her motivation was slipping.


Four-week catch up

30-days marks the halfway point of the challenge, and up to now Jade hadn’t had it easy. But that doesn’t mean she wasn’t succeeding. Her training and nutrition were going very well. And while she still had to work to overcome some negative thoughts her management of these moments was developing too. She also felt stronger and noticed some weight loss.

Some of the products helping jade on her journey: 12081395, 10575082, 12041688


Final four weeks

After the 4-week check-in Jade whisked herself off for some retail therapy. And for the first time since she was 19 she bought a pair of shorts. She might not have been seeing a lot of progress throughout the weeks, but this mum had grown in confidence and was pretty damn excited about wearing the shorts.

At the 40 week mark, illness struck. Jade was forced to halt her journey for a few days. Real life happens and recovery comes first.

It wasn’t long until Jade was back in the gym. As is the case with most people after a bug, they’re left feeling weaker and more tired than normal and Jade wasn’t an exception. But she got the workout in anyway.

Finally, just a week to go - and no one is more relieved than Jade. While she’d been enjoying the programme, she was ready for a week off. And that’s understandable.

Deload weeks are actually a great idea for anyone with an intense fitness schedule. You take a week off from the gym, keeping up with some low-intensity exercise and your body will thank you for it.


Final assessment

As promised, Jade took part in the strength test for the second time to see if she’d made any progress…

Assessed exercise Day one result Day 60 result
Plank 37 seconds 45 seconds
Squats (in one minute) 19 reps 25 reps
Push-ups (in one minute) 16 reps 25 reps

Jade exceeded her initial results across the board - concrete evidence that her strength had increased over the 8-weeks.

Over the course of the programme Jade had experienced her ups and downs. She’d felt demotivated when she couldn’t see immediate progress and at times she was exhausted. But overall, the journey has left her with more energy, more confidence, and a new lease of life in terms of fitness. Afterall, it’s a lifestyle and not a short-term goal to be met.


Take home message

It certainly wasn’t an easy ride for Jade, but one thing is for sure - she learned to take the lows with the highs. She realised she wouldn’t always be super motivated and that she wouldn’t see progress overnight - and that’s okay. She met her goals and she’s not stopping there.

Check out the Myprotein YouTube channel for more ‘The Time Between’ videos.

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