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Does Rice Need Washing Before Being Cooked?

This study settles the debate once and for all.

6 months agoBy Kieron Curtis

New TGA Legislation | How it affects you

At Myprotein, when we say that we move we’re not just talking physically. We move with the latest science to make sure our community is always plugged in to the latest information, and making well-informed choices for their fitness and wellness. And we also move with legislation, and for that reason you may notice changes […]

7 months agoBy Kieron Curtis

Crispy Sriracha Prawns With Black Rice

Fire up your weeknight dinners with this Thai prawn stir-fry dish.

7 months agoBy Lauren Dawes

Spicy Korean Beef Wraps

Make room for these in your meal prep routine. 

9 months agoBy Lauren Dawes