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Eddie Hall Punches Ryan Terry With ‘100% Force’

Eddie Hall Punches Ryan Terry With ‘100% Force’
Monica Green
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Ever wondered what it would be like to take a punch from the world’s strongest man? No, we haven’t either, and we wouldn’t want to find out. But to satisfy any curiosity you might have, our new ambassador and bodybuilder Ryan Terry took one for the team and braced himself for a punch (or two) from Eddie Hall.

Watch as Eddie punches Ryan in the gut at 20...60...80...and then 100% power.

And in the spirit of pitting the strongman against the bodybuilder, Ryan got to punch Eddie at full power too. Spoiler, Eddie didn't think protective gear was necessary for his.

We’re sure you’re desperate to see how this went down, so watch it from all angles on both Ryan and Eddie’s channels below.

Ryan's video...

Eddie's video...

That looked painful even with the padding!

Eddie has good reason to be testing his punching power.  He'll be fighting Hafþór Björnsson on September 21 in what has been billed  'The Heaviest Fight In Boxing History.

The Mountain isn't the only man on The Beast's radar though. 2017's World's Strongest Man has also thrown down the gauntlet for Jake Paul's.

Eddie said of the YouTube boxer:

A lot of people laughed at Jake Paul. He's come out of the woodwork, obviously trained very hard, and smashed both of his first victims in the ring... Massive size difference, but there is between me and Thor. Mike Tyson is living proof that size doesn't really matter in the ring, it's about what you do in there. How fast you are, how powerful, how agile you are. That's what matters. If the money is right, I'd 100% fight Jake Paul.

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