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One of the most common goals people have is to lose body fat and build muscle at the same time. But is it possible?

In short: yes.

That’s it. That’s the article. Unless you want to know how to do it, that is… Myprotein PT Calvin Crooks is here to break it down for you, making it easy to get your head around the science of it. But it’s all quite simple really. All you need to do is stick around, watch the video, and get started on your fat-burning and muscle-building journey.

Here’s how to lose body fat and build muscle simultaneously

Calorie deficit

You’re likely to have heard this before. The key to weight loss is a calorie deficit. It’s that simple. You need to drop your maintenance calories by about 100-500 calories depending on your body-fat percentage. If you have a high body-fat percentage, you may need to reduce your calories a bit more than this recommendation.

And in case you’ve missed it in the past, your maintenance calories are the number of calories you need every day to stay at the same body weight.

High protein diet

You need to be careful about what you’re putting into your body even when you’re on a calorie deficit. Your body needs fuel, and this should be in the form of nutrient-dense foods. Particularly foods high in protein. To build muscle successfully you’ll need to eat 2g of protein per kg of body weight. It sounds like a lot — and it is — but an easy way to increase your intake is with protein snacks and whey protein powder.

A low-protein diet plus a calorie deficit is not only going to equal hunger, but also to poor muscle growth.

Here’s how you’re going to do it — meal prep until you make it.

Train to lose body fat and build muscle

To build muscle you’re going to want to strength train a few times a week. This should include compound lifts split between your upper body and lower body.

And to focus on losing weight, HIIT workouts will be your best friend. HIIT and cardio. If this isn’t what you’re used to, here’s everything you need to know:

The 11 Best HIIT Workouts For Any Goal


The 11 Best HIIT Workouts For Any Goal

2021-07-15 12:59:27By Chris Davies

A cardio split

This split will help to ensure that once your body fat is down, it stays down.

  • On weeks one and three of your plan, do three cardio days a week
  • On weeks two and four of your plan, do two cardio days a week

Can anyone lose body fat and build muscle at the same time?

While this advice is perfect for beginners and people looking to get fit after taking some time off, it can work for everyone, and at different paces.

Take Home Message

Remember: everyone is different. Don’t judge yourself against others. Your ability to build muscle and lose fat at a certain pace is down to genetics, among other factors. So, if you’re not progressing as quickly as you want to, don’t beat yourself up. Blame your parents instead.

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