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Four 30-Day Fitness Challenges To Kick-Off National Fitness Day

Four 30-Day Fitness Challenges To Kick-Off National Fitness Day
Nathan Southern
Writer and expert2 years ago
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National Fitness Day 2021 has arrived and it's all about raising awareness of the importance of staying active and celebrating the impact it can have on both our physical and mental health.

But keeping fit ought to be part of your lifestyle, not just a day, in order to keep it sustainable. So, if you're in need of a challenge to kick off National Fitness Day today, we've got four epic 30-day challenges to get you moving. Whether you're a seasoned gym-bunny looking to try something new or you need a challenge to help kick-off your fitness journey, these are here to help.

Each of our month-long fitness challenges focuses on a specific exercise or muscle group, helping you to master your technique while increasing your strength and mobility.

Ab Challenge

If you're looking for a way to transform your body in 30 days, an ab challenge is a good place to start. Building a strong core will help you get the most out of exercise.

Our 30-Day Ab Challenge will target every muscle in your midsection and as the workouts get harder, bring in other muscles in the body that support your core strength.  Be prepared, the intensity will increase, and the exercises will get harder, but we reckon you can handle it!


Squat Challenge

With our 30-day squat challenge, no weights are involved – so it could be the stepping stone towards the more active lifestyle your looking for. It takes little time out of your day, while still being hard work.

This challenge will work almost every muscle in your lower body, in particular those bigger muscle groups like the quads, hamstrings, and glutes.


Arm Challenge

Our 30-day arm challenge is a great way to develop your upper body strength. By introducing a combination of simple bodyweight and dumbbell exercises with gradual progressive you'll be on the way to sculpting those arms you've always wanted.


Plank Challenge

A strong and stable core is the foundation of most exercises. The plank is a staple exercise for developing strength in those core muscles. Our 30-day challenge will give you every step you need to get you to a 5-minute plank!


Take home message

We think it's important to make fitness work for you and your lifestyle, and if a challenge is what you need to kick-start your fitness life, then we've got plenty to choose from. Celebrate National Fitness Day today by moving your body in whatever way feels good, and we hope our challenges have helped.

Nathan Southern
Writer and expert
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