5 Pre-Workouts To Fuel A Sweaty Session

Pre-workout supplements…

Whilst they’re not for everyone, they are a staple in many a gym bag! Here’s our top 5 favourites to get you through even the sweatiest of sessions.

Pre-Workout Blend

Loaded with 150mg of caffeine and essential vitamins, this is a great way to power your body for a sweaty gym session. If it’s your first time, prepare for the tingles. But don’t worry, they’re normal. Also prepare to be wowed at your performance. It’s carefully designed with caffeine and vitamins B6, B12 and C to improve your alertness and endurance – you might not even recognise yourself.

Vegan Pre-Workout Powder

We couldn’t forget any vegans in the room! Our new and improved pre-workout is packed with a powerful blend of plant-based ingredients, including green coffee and green tea extracts, alongside l-citrulline, delivering a natural caffeine boost to take your training to the next level

Energy Gel Elite

Created for instant energy, this fuelling1 formula combines maltodextrin and fructose with an electrolyte and vitamin blend for an all-in-one energy gel — helping you get the most from your body.

THE Pre-Workout

For the pre-workout aficionado. This is not to be messed with, and certainly not an entry-level pre-workout. Created using an explosive blend of caffeine and creatine, THE Pre-Workout™ delivers the boost1 you need to push towards peak performance2 and see better results than ever before. It’s specifically designed to help you break barriers2,3 — rep after rep, set after set.

THE Pump

And of course, for the gym night owls, a pre-workout with no added caffeine, but all the ingredients you need to fuel your session. The low-stimulant profile is perfect for those that want a pre-workout boost without the jitters, or being kept up all night.


Take Home Message

It’s important that we remind you here that caffeine has an average half-life of four hours. Meaning it can stay in your system for roughly eight hours. If you’re a night-time trainer, we urge you to stay away from the pre-workouts with the highest caffeine levels. That’s it — you’ve been warned.



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