The Ultimate Nutrition Christmas Gift Guide


The countdown to Christmas is officially on. Before you know it, there’ll be no time left to find the perfect gift. Enter the Myprotein Christmas Gift Guide.

So why not enjoy the festive period safe in the knowledge that you got all your shopping done early? Thankfully, we’ve put together the ultimate gift guide for gym lovers to make things just a little bit simpler.

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What are the best Christmas Gifts for Gym Lovers

There’s no easier person to shop for than a gym lover. The possibilities are endless — protein, snacks, lifting accessories, clothes, gym bag, shaker. I could go on.


Clothing Gifts for Men

One thing you can never have too much of — gym clothes. The more you have, the less you have to turn your washing machine on, which sounds like a win to me. So, this Christmas, give the gift of style, and let your gym buddy be better dressed than you.


A black tee is a staple in any gym wardrobe. They go with pretty much anything and they’re super comfy. Actually, you might just want to buy this one for yourself.

MP Men’s Woven Training Shorts – Black

When style meets function — a true Christmas romance. But seriously, these should be going straight in your basket. But only your favourite gym partner deserves something as nice as these. (But shh, don’t tell the others.)

MP Men’s Rest Day Hoodie – Black

Whether your mate likes to train in layers, or just chooses to protect themselves from the elements on the way into the gym. Whatever their motives, they can’t go wrong with a simple black hoodie.

MP Men’s Original Drop Armhole Tank Top – Black

For the friend that likes to give the rest of the gym a free ticket to the gun show. Let them show off that pump in style.

MP Men’s Rest Day Joggers – Black

A trip to the shops, lounging around on the sofa, working from home, training with mates — all perfect opportunities to wear MP joggers.

MP Men’s Crew Socks – White (2 Pack)

If you fancy taking on the role of mum this year, then buying socks for everyone is a sure-fire way to achieve that. And I guarantee you that the next time you see your mates they’ll be sporting their fresh, crisp new socks.


Clothing Gifts for Women

Even just getting ready for the gym as a woman can be an ordeal. So many great fits to wear, and only one body to wear them on. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Go on and make your friend’s life that little bit harder for them when deciding what to wear. I dare you.

MP Women’s Curve High Waisted Leggings – Black

Encourage everyone in your gym class to get a pair and workout in style.

MP Women’s Curve Sports Bra – Black

There’s nothing like a full set. It’d be rude not to get the matching sports bra too.

MP Women’s Power Mesh Slim Fit Jacket – Orchid

If you’ve been anywhere near “FitTok”, you’ll be clued into the BBL jacket. And this is our version. Maybe give this one to your PT and she might even avoid putting split squats in your workouts in January.

MP Women’s 1/4 Zip – Black

This will fast become a daily staple for whoever’s stocking this 1/4 zip ends up in. Theres handy pockets at the front with zips to keep their phone, keys and headphones safe.

MP Women’s Rest Day Relaxed Fit Joggers – Light Pink

For lounging around, or to chuck on over some shorts on the way to the gym in those crisp January months. Either way we’d consider them a necessity, and we think your friends would too.

MP Women’s Velocity Seamless Cycling Shorts – Black

You might think it’s the wrong season for cycling shorts — but that’s where you’re wrong. These are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser no matter the season, but you might want to double them up with the joggers from above when putting them under the tree.


What are the best nutrition Christmas Gifts

Bundles. It’s simple. Our bundles are the best nutrition Christmas gifts out there. The elves at Myprotein have been working away to make sure the bundles are carefully crafted to include the best combination of supplements and treats. Basically, everything you need to fill a stocking, all in one place.

Clear Whey Starter Pack

An instant win, whether your pals have been taking protein for years, or you’re helping them dip their toe in. And the Impact Bars are the G.O.A.T.

Vegan Protein Starter Pack

Start your plant-powered journey with our Vegan Protein Starter Pack

Protein Starter Pack

The protein power couple | 1kg Protein + Shaker


Christmas Gifts for Home Workouts

Home workouts have become a common activity for many of us. Saving money on a gym membership, saving time on the commute, and being that much closer to the protein cupboard post-workout — we can see the appeal. And we’ve got plenty of goodies to fill your friends’ home gyms.

Recovery Stick

This one is essential for recovery, especially when you don’t have a lot of storage space.

MP Gym Phone Armband

Keep fit and stay connected on your run, walk or at the gym with the MP Phoen Armband.

MP Full Coverage Lifting Gloves – Black

Improve comfort and grip during workouts with our Lifting Gloves — providing a snug and supportive fit — helping you with your weight-lifting goals, or to open your presents with a paper cut.

Myprotein Yoga Block – Grey

A yoga block can help to support, stabilise, and align the body as you move through your yoga flow, as well as deepen your flexibility or modify a movement if you’re not quite ready to tackle a certain pose yet.


And finally, the gift at the top of everyone’s wish list — a shaker to replace the one that’s probably seen a little too much action.


Take Home Message

If you know anyone struggling to think of gifts for gym lovers, you may as well send them this gift guide. What more could you want? It’s basically a bible of the ultimate presents for gym-goers.

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