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8 Protein-Packed Recipes To Keep You Cool During A Heatwave

8 Protein-Packed Recipes To Keep You Cool During A Heatwave
Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert1 year ago
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It’s the same every year. As soon as it reaches 15 degrees, the flip flops and tank tops are out. But a few days of hot weather, and we’ve had enough. “It’s too hot”, you say, as you fan yourself deliriously, sleep deprived and fed up.

The gym, well ventilated and air conditioned, is one safe haven from the heat. But there are ways to cool down a little closer to home. We’ve been through the archives and dug out our most refreshing recipes.

Clear Whey Rainbow Ice Lollies

We’re starting strong with rainbow ice lollies. Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics, and right now this recipe sounds better than ever. Sticks of super-fruity frozen Clear Whey? Yes please.

Clear Whey Ice Lollies

You can’t go wrong shaking up a nice glass of Clear Whey, popping it in an ice lolly tray and putting it in the freezer for a few hours. For a fruity twist, blend up some fruit and add that in too.

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Lollies

Just a warning — by the end of this article, don’t expect to have any room left in your freezer. Sorry not sorry. @healthy_floflo really worked her magic with this recipe. It’s packed full of our finest protein powder and All-Natural Peanut Butter. Can't complain about that.

Mochi Ice Cream

Remember the days when people would go to shops every day to see if mochi ice cream was back in stock? It really took the UK by storm. So obviously we had to make a version — with added protein. Rumour is these are tastier than the original. But you’ll need to be the judge of that.

Protein Ice Cream Sandwich

This is a real taste of childhood. Fond memories of sitting outside in the summer eating, ice cream dripping everywhere, biscuits sliding in either direction, crippling brain freeze … they are fond memories, I promise.

30-Second Ice Cream

It’s true, we have at times gone wild with our recipes. Don’t get me wrong, they deliver. But sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. And what’s better than a simple bowl of ice cream (with added protein, of course).

And now that your freezer’s full, here are some recipes that won’t take up any more space. You'll just need to make room in the fridge instead.

Clear Whey Fruit Jelly

The original garden party showstopper. Grab a slice for a fruity hit of protein. It’ll send you straight back to childhood. Add some high-protein ice cream from the recipe above for a jelly and ice cream feast.

Clear Whey Pudding

A proper post-BBQ palate cleanser. It’s the law that you must eat far too much food at a BBQ. Sausages, skewers, burgers, bread, salads. You get the picture. There’s no better way to finish all that off than with a Clear Whey pudding.

Take home message

So there you have it. Eight recipes to help you keep cool throughout this hot weather. And all with a hefty protein hit.



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Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert
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