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Myprotein Masterclass is the series dedicated to helping you master your movements in the gym, using expert advice from the pros. 

In this episode, personal trainers Chris Broomhead and Calvin Crooks are here to help you target your back with just six exercises to add to your next workout. Check out the video to see how to perform the exercises correctly – without injury to targeting the right muscles. 

The Workout 

Seated Row

  1. Grab handles and bring your feet on to the foot pads 
  2. Straighten your back 
  3. Lean forward keeping back flat 
  4. Pull through the lats (pulling towards your tummy) 

If you pull into your chest, it can target the upper back. 


Straight arm pullover 

  1. Grab the handle above your head 
  2. Take a step back so your arms are straight out in front of you 
  3. Keep your hips back and your chest up 
  4. Pull the bar down towards your hips 


Lat pull down 

  1. With hands shoulder width apart grab the bar 
  2. Take a seat and hook your legs underneath to stabilise you 
  3. Keep your elbows tucked in as you pull the bar down 
  4. Pull your chest up and move slightly forward as you finish the rep 


Single arm dumbbell row 

  1. Place your left knee and left hand on the bench  
  2. Straighten your back to focus on the lats 
  3. Pull the dumbbell up towards your hip 
  4. Repeat on the other side 


Chest assisted dumbbell row 

  1. Place your chest over the top of an incline bench 
  2. Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground 
  3. Get hold of dumbbells  
  4. Pull your elbows back and up towards your hips 


Barbell row 

  1. Get into deadlift position  
  2. Place your hands on the bar, just outside the distance between your knees 
  3. Sit your hips back into a hip hinge 
  4. Pull your shoulders back  
  5. Pull the bar up, keeping your elbows back 
  6. Bring the bar into your hips 


Take Home Message 

The workout that will destroy your lats. It’s going to feel so good, even if you are a little sore the following day. And that’s not on us. But seriously, add these exercises to your next back workout to help with both building muscle and gaining definition. 

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