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Back Day With Lex Griffin | Myprotein Masterclass

Back Day With Lex Griffin | Myprotein Masterclass
Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Lex Griffin, AKA Lex Fitness. You’ll know him for his strength, his physique, and of course, his hair. Today he shows you how to optimise your back day routine and improve your overall strength.

Seated row, lat pull down and rack pulls. We’ve seen all of these before. But Lex has got a few tweaks up his sleeve to make them hit a little bit better and maximise your gains.

Seated Row

Getting set up:

  • Legs bent, never locked out
  • Keep your legs static throughout the movement
  • Close-grip handle
  • Start with a moderately light weight
  • Drive your legs back into position after you’ve grabbed the handle

For a heavier weight:

  • Grab the handles
  • Drive your legs back and pull the handles back until you’re almost lying down
  • Then raise yourself back up, maintaining your hold until you’re in a seated position

The Exercise:

  • As you move forwards, allow your arms to be extended from the hips
  • Drive back with your lower back and upper body
  • Pull through with your elbows
  • Release your arms back to full extension
  • Drive your arms forward through your hips
  • That's one full rep

Tips: Keep your chest up, move from the hips and don’t let your shoulders pop forwards.

Unilateral Lat Pull Down

Getting set up:

  • Grab the bar in a way that’s comfortable, just past shoulder width
  • Sit down, making sure your legs are pinned against the machine

Unilateral movement:

  • Arch your lower back slightly while bringing your chest up
  • Pull the bar down slightly
  • Squeeze your lats
  • Pull down the arm you’re targeting towards your chest
  • Your other arm should remain straight and relaxed

Tip: For an extra burn, after you’ve finished your unilateral rep range, complete two-armed lat pull downs for as many reps as possible.

Rack Pulls

Getting set up:

  • Start with the bar just above knee height, or no lower than knee level
  • Grab the bar just over hip-width apart
  • You can go over-under with your hands or over-over

The exercise:

  • Keep your core nice and tight
  • Keep your chest up and shoulders back
  • As you lift the bar drive through your heels and hips and power up and through the movement until your body is straight
  • Bring the bar back down keeping your core tight, chest up and rest the bar back down on the safety bars
  • Reset, and lift again

Tip: Don't round your shoulders.

Form pointers: Tuck in the elbows and squeeze your lats underneath your armpits.

Take Home Message

Not only will adopting these tweaks lead to your back thickness increasing, but your deadlift potential will also improve. Not bad for three movements you're bound to already include on back day.

Check out the Myprotein YouTube Channel for more Masterclass episodes.



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Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert
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