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Thigh Toning | 6 Inner & Outer Thigh Exercises

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The thighs are a common problem area for holding fat - it’s important to understand that although you can’t spot reduce fat, you can tone up your thighs by performing exercises specifically targeted to begin toning them up.

Try these examples exercises or add them into your current training routine.

#1 Side Lying Double Leg Lift

Begin lying down on one side with your body in a straight line. Support your head by extending your bottom arm and stack your knees with your toes pointing forward.

Your top hand should be positioned in front of your chest to provide extra support. Squeeze your inner thighs together and slowly raise them up off the mat. Lift them as high as possible while keeping your legs together and your hips still.

Hold this position for a few seconds then slowly lower your legs back towards the floor without actually touching it. Repeat for the same amount of reps on each leg.

#2 Walking Barbell Lunge

Begin the exercise by placing your feet shoulder width apart and place a barbell across your upper back.

walking barbell lunge

Take a step out with one leg, bending the knee to lower your hips. It is crucial you do not let the knee travel beyond the toe with this exercise.

Lower your body until your back knee is almost touching the floor. Maintain a straight back with the chest held high.

Push through the heel of the foot that is to the front and extend both knees so that your body returns to the starting position.

Take a step forwards with the foot that was behind you, and repeat this movement with your opposite leg.

#3 Plie Squat

Begin by holding a dumbbell with both hands and standing straight. Position your legs so that they are beyond shoulder width apart and allow a slight bend in the knees. Your toes should be facing outwards.

Begin the exercise by slowly bending the knees and lowering your body so that the thighs are parallel to the ground.

Breathe in as you perform this part of the movement. Push up with the heels and breathe out to return to the starting position. Repeat for as many repetitions as necessary.

#4 Standing Sweeps

Begin with your left side next to a sturdy object such as a power rack. Tie one end of a band around your ankle and one end of a band around the rack.

Step your right foot back and sweep your left foot across your body slowly.

Repeat and then switch legs when you have done enough repetitions on each side.

#5 Sumo Deadlifts

Load up a barbell with sufficient weight for the exercise. If you are unsure what weight to use, begin lighter and work up to a heavier weight.

sumo deadlift

Stand beside the barbell and position the feet so that they are set wide.

Grasp the bar with the arms directly under the shoulders. Relax the shoulders and breathe in, lowering the hips and looking straight ahead keeping the chest high.

Drive through the floor with your weight on your heels and extend through your hips.

Drive your hips into the barbell, squeezing the shoulder blades together tightly. Bend at the hips and control the weight on the way back down then repeat for the necessary amount of repetitions.

#6 Resistance Band Jumping Jacks

Wrap a resistance band under each foot. Keep some slack in the middle of the band when your feet are together.

Hold the band at your sides with each hand. In a fast movement lift your arms as high as you can while moving your feet beyond shoulder width apart.

Take Home Message

Try adding some of these exercises to your routine to target your thighs!

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