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10-Minute Abs Workout | Tighten & Tone With Victoria Spence

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Want a toned, tight six-pack but not too sure where to start? Myprotein Ambassador Victoria Spence has stepped in to help you out!

The Bikini Model and #GirlGains creator has kindly revealed some of her favourite stomach-sculpting exercises to assist your goals of achieving that strong core.

This workout can be as progressive as you like; complete a minute of each exercise to start, with 1-minute resting time between each exercises, or perform the entire workout 3 times over for a full abs session!

Exercise #1: Leg Raises

leg raises abs workout

a) Lie flat, pushing the centre of your back into the floor.

b) Engage your core and raise your legs to a 90-degree position.

c) Hold for a second and slowly lower back down to just above the floor (hovering.)

d) Repeat for the full minute - Remember to squeeze and keep breathing throughout!


✓ Too difficult? "Place your hands just underneath your bottom to allow the centre of your back to push down into the floor to make it a little bit easier."

 Too easy? "Raise your head and the top of your chest off the floor and it really allows you to engage your core that little bit more."

Exercise #2: Russian Twists

russian twists abs workout

a) Take the position of a Martini glass - a straight upper body and upper legs with lower legs resting (as shown above.)

b) Keep the upper body straight whilst really twisting around to one side with hands closed together - twist past your hips.

c) Keep your chest open towards the ceiling whilst twisting consistently to each side - remember to breath throughout the movement.

d) Continue twisting through the core strain to really dig deep into the obliques.


 Too easy? "Make this a little a bit harder - raise your legs up; you need to make sure you're keeping the legs nice and straight and they're not moving side to side."

Exercise #3: V Sit-Ups

v sit ups abs workout

a) Begin, again - in a 'Martini glass' shape.

b) Keep your body upright, before lengthening out to bring your body into a straight line, positioned with a flat back.

c) Bring your feet above the floor and immediately squeeze your stomach back to the 'Martini' starting position.

d) Inhale as you release to the floor, ensuring your feet remain hovering - exhale as you push back to the centre.


Too difficult? "Put your hands down at the back - as you're coming down, rest your body onto your hands and use your arms to push you back up. Keep breathing!"

Exercise #4: Bicycle Crunches

bicycle crunches abs workout

a) Position your legs as if to ride a bicycle (yes, really!) and raise your chest slightly off the floor to where your bra strap would rest.

b) Twist and turn your elbows to alternative sides - ensure they reach the tip of the opposite knee.

c) Speed up or slow down the motion according to personal preference.

d) Continue to repeat for the full minute, keeping breathing under control.


✓ "Really keep that core engaged; keep pushing through and be sure to keep breathing" (in a regular motion!)

Exercise #5: Side Plank



a) Lying on the side of your body, push yourself up to be on both feet - one foot in front/behind your body is okay.

b) Imagine a line from head-to-toe pulling your body straight, pushing your pelvis towards the ceiling to fully engage your obliques.

c) Your free arm can be positioned up, down/resting on your body - it's a matter of choice.

d) Repeat for the full minute - switch it up if you like!


✓ Too easy? "Add a tiny bit of a (side) crunch, but make sure your body stays in a straight line, from head-to-toe and be sure to keep breathing." - Concentration makes you hold your breath!

Exercise #6: Flutter Kicks



a) Lie flat on your back then put your legs out straight in front of you - make sure the centre of your back is pushed into the floor.

b) Move your legs quickly, up and down in a 'flutter-like' motion.

c) Engage your core and remain tight throughout the movement.

d) Repeat for the full minute.


✓ Too easy? Lift your head up to really feel a good stomach crunch.

✓ Too difficult? Place hands underneath bottom to arch your back into the floor.

Exercise #7: Ankle Reaches

ankle touches abs workout

a) Lie flat on your back and position your knees bent and facing the ceiling.

b) Spread your feet to the width of the mat before beginning to lift your chest off the floor - don't tighten the neck whilst doing so.

c) Arms just be positioned out straight in front of you with hands pointed towards the feet.

d) Engaging the core, move side to side to tap each ankle - repeat for the full minute.

Exercise #8: Walk-Outs



a) Bend down and position yourself on your hands and feet.

b) Putting one hand first, begin to slowly walk forward to balance straight on hands and feet - don't swing the pelvis whilst doing so.

c) Walk out past your shoulders to ensure your core is holding the majority of your weight.

d) Begin to slowly reverse the movement to return to starting position. Repeat for the full minute. It might make a microwave minute seem like seconds!

Exercise #9: Roll-Outs

Easily adapted: Use an exercise ball or, alternatively, use a piece of clothing on laminate flooring!

walk outs abs workout

a) Start on your knees with hands out in front of you and clasp hands onto the clothing/exercise ball.

b) Slowly begin to roll forward, keeping your body straight and core tight.

c) Once fully stretched outwards, begin to come back in and squeeze the core.

d) Repeat for the full minute


Exercise #10: The Plank

plank abs workout

a) Begin by kneeling down on the floor and position your arms shoulder-width apart, resting on your upper arms at a 90-degree angle.

b) Engage your core, glutes, hamstrings, quads - everything must be squeezed tight in this exercise!

c) Keep the body straight throughout the movement for as long as you can hold it.

d) Try to hold for the full minute or split into sections if needed.

Check out Victoria's full 10-minute abs workout video above for further help!

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