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A Week On The Internet | 67-Year-Old Acrobat & The World’s Longest Plank

Another week, another internet compilation. Never miss a viral post from the world of sports, fitness, and nutrition again.

Gone are the days of endless scrolling to see the good stuff – we have it all in one place. You can thank us later.

Impossible? We’ll see about that.

Forget the chest press, this exercise is sure to target your whole body, from your glutes to your abs. Definitely one to add to our next workout.

But don’t blame us for the DOMS.

651 days later…

College football is back in America, and this crowd was certainly happy about it.


On the 6th of August Daniel Scali won the Guinness World Record for the longest plank. Coming in at nine hours, 30 minutes and one second. This is an amazing achievement and we are shocked that we’re only just hearing about it now.

Nice one Daniel.



Pretty impressive being able to do something that Spiderman can’t… but, that’s got to hurt.

Don’t think we’ll be trying this one anytime soon and if we do we’re going to need a helmet.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Incase you forgot how much of a beast Eddie Hall is, he shared a reminder.

Eddie was clearly in the mood for a throwback as he posted a video from back in 2016 when he and Mark Felix broke the world record for the heaviest two man deadlift – 850kg.

Age is just a number

At the age of 67 Wojciech has got some serious skills.

If we can be half this cool at 67 then we will take it.

We don’t recommend this

We aren’t sure if the backs of our hands are strong enough for this, and we absolutely don’t want to find out.

As impressive as Tupuria Gogita is, we’d be lying if we said this didn’t make us cringe just a little bit… ouch.


Another college football tradition, the Iowa Wave, where fans and players wave at the children in the hospital.

Wholesome traditions like this have been well and truly missed.

That Friday feeling…

Stretching and walking… two birds, one stone.

The Rybka twins sure know how to make an entrance, we might try this next time we head to the gym.


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