Best Fitness Gifts | Christmas Gifts 2021

The Best Fitness Gifts  

In need of some inspiration for your favourite fitness fanatics this Christmas? We’ve got a guide with the best fitness gifts for everything they could possibly want in their stocking or under the tree. Whether they enjoy pounding the pavements or the weights in the gym, find them the gifts they need to boost their performance. 

The best fitness gifts are tailored to every sporting need, so you can be sure that what you give will bring a smile to their face this season. 

Get ready to drool over the best fitness gifts for fitness lovers 


Christmas Stocking Fillers – Fitness Gifts under $50 

Stuck for those last-minute stocking fillers or a Secret Santa? It can be tough to find the best fitness gifts that you know they’ll love and actually use, so here’s some of our favourites that they’re sure to enjoy too. 

1. Protein Wafers

With 60% less sugar and 20% less fat than supermarket alternatives, enjoy a protein-packed treat without ruining your hard work. 

Created with a high-protein, creamy filling, we blend milk and whey protein isolates to deliver the answer to your sweet tooth prayers. 


2. Impact Whey Protein

Premium whey packed with 21g of protein per serving, for the everyday protein you need from a quality source — with all-natural nutritionals, it’s ideal for all of your fitness goals.

Get yours in over 40 flavours, with delicious favourites including Ruby Chocolate, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry Cream.


3. MP Women’s Crew Socks – White

Any outfit is not complete without a great pair of socks. They’re the perfect way to finish off any gym outfit. Lightweight and comfortable, these socks will become more than just gym wear. You’re going to be reaching for them everyday. You’d better stock up.


4. MyProtein Shaker

Our shaker helps to keep you hydrated throughout the day, and the blending ball has been designed to give you a smooth shake whatever supplement you’re mixing. It’s an essential for your gym bag to stay fuelled, wherever you are.


5. Beauty Collagen Shot

Get a quick fix of important nutrients with this comprehensive all-in-one formula — our Beauty Collagen Shots are an effective blend of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins such as biotin and selenium to support skin, hair and nails this festive season.


6. Myvegan EcoBottle

Stay hydrated with the Myvegan EcoBottle. Made in Sweden where the factory primarily operates on renewable energy, the EcoBottle 650 is composed of 98% sugar cane bio mass waste with a natural cork top and is carbon negative in production.


7. Myprotein Resistance Band

Getting to the gym isn’t always possible. Even when it is, sometimes it’s packed — especially in January. With resistance bands you can find an empty corner of the gym, keep your head down and get a solid workout in. Alternatively, stay in the warmth of your own home — the perfect way to avoid the cold winter nights.


8. Powdered Peanut Butter

Satisfy your peanut butter cravings with none of the guilt — this powdered blend has 70% less fat than classic supermarket alternatives, giving you a quick-mixing snacking solution that’ll keep your training on track. A great source of healthy fats and protein, you can’t go wrong with this gift (you may struggle to fit it in their stocking though…) 


9. MP Essentials Large Towel

Dry off in style this festive season with our Essentials Large Towel. Whether you’re recovering from an intense spin class or stepping out of the pool, it’s a gym kit, stocking-filler, must-have.


10. Booty Bands

Add resistance to any workout, wherever you are. Our Booty Band helps you to take your leg day to the next level, whether you can make it to the gym or not.


11. Sugar-Free Syrup

What a Christmas stocking without something a little sweet in it? The Sugar-Free Syrup is ideal for smothering you pancakes, desserts, and porridge in without adding on those extra calories. Coming in a whole host of different flavours, you can pick out a different one fore every day of the week. 


Fitness Gifts 

Here are some gifts that they just can’t go without, whatever sport they play. From easing tired muscles to intense training, these are the gifts that they’ll be excited to use one Christmas Day. 


12. Yoga Recovery Mat

Whether it’s for stretching after a long run, or their daily chakras, a yoga mat is the perfect gift for fitness lovers and yogis alike. With high-density foam and wave groove grip, they can enjoy their stretch session in comfort and slip-free. 


13. Recovery Stick

Continuing along the recovery theme, after a good stretch, there’s nothing better than rolling out those tired muscles. Our Recovery Stick is perfect for targeting specific muscle groups for faster recovery. After intense workouts, this recovery massage tool can be applied to help relax your muscles, driving myofascial release and improving blood flow to the treated area


14. Mealbag Holdall – Black

Keep on top of meal prep with our holdall, featuring multiple pockets and compartments, it even comes complete with containers and ice packs — storage made super-simple. 


15. Men’s Training Collection

For training and rest days, they deserve both comfort and durability. The Training Collection has taken old-school looks and made them to last, even through the toughest of sessions.


16. Women’s Training Collection

Built for purpose, designed to last. The Training Collection has taken old-school looks and made them to last, even through the toughest of sessions. Featuring a 4 way stretch to maximise performance and allow you to push through your most challenging sessions yet.


17. Lifting Gloves

Weightlifting can be tough on your hands, so help them to avoid painful blisters by investing in a good pair of lifting gloves. With leather panelling on the palms for extra padding and comfort and an adjustable Velcro strap for comfort and proper fit, they’re a great addition to any gym-goer’s stocking. 


18. Leather Lifting Belt

Do they like to push it to the limits what it comes to lifting? This gift will challenge even the heaviest of lifters. The lifting belt is designed to hold up to an extra 100kg while supporting their back for pull-ups and dips — great exercises for strengthening the upper body. Made from heavy-duty leather, this belt is built to last through the toughest of sessions.  


19. MP NEW ERA 9FORTY Baseball Cap

We’ve taken some of New Era’s classic styles and given them the MP treatment to ensure your head-wear never goes out of style.

A classic style, the MP 9FORTY baseball cap with MP and New Era logos on embroided to the front and side is an essential accessory. Featuring a contoured crown and an adjustable design for comfort, and a curved visor for practicality.


Healthy Christmas Snacks

We know that Christmas is all about good food — and that’s true for fitness lovers too. The best fitness gifts are snacks and with options to suit every taste and situation, you’ll be at the top of their nice list if you fill their stocking with these treats 

20. The WHEY

Our unique protein blend delivers 25g protein, 3g leucine, and over 5g of naturally occurring glutamine per serving — all with less than 2g carbs and 1g fat — for the greatest everyday shake. Created using expert filtration systems and the finest ingredients, THE Whey™ has been specially developed to give you the protein you need, to grow and maintain important muscle all festive season.


21. Protein Hot Chocolate

With over 70% less sugar and carbs than many standard supermarket alternatives, enjoy a luxurious and warming hot chocolate without derailing your training.

Created with mounds of delicious cocoa powder and a unique blend of milk protein concentrate, PeptoPro®, and micellar casein, our Protein Hot Chocolate is packed with 14g of protein for the ultimate indulgence on Christmas Day,


 22. Lean Protein Cookie

The ultimate high-protein treat, we’ve pulled out all the stops to deliver 38g of protein in seven indulgent flavours — including Double Chocolate and Rocky Road. And, it’s super-convenient to have on your desk at work or to eat straight after a workout.


23. Energy Gel Elite

Created for instant energy, this fuelling1 formula combines maltodextrin and fructose with an electrolyte and vitamin blend for an all-in-one energy gel — helping you get the most from your body.

Batch tested by Informed-Sport, our Energy Gel Elite has been tested for naturally occurring banned substances by LGC’s world-class sports lab in line with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) guidelines, and is officially safe for professional athletes of all levels.



Take Home Message

The best fitness gifts Christmas guide is packed full of recommendations for a range of training styles, whether you’re working out in the gym, keeping it on-point in the kitchen with nutrition, or training in the comfort of your own home.

Help the fitness lovers in your life switch it up a notch for 2022 with the best fitness gifts. 


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