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Muscle Building Made Easy – 4 Protein-Packed Lunches

Muscle Building Made Easy – 4 Protein-Packed Lunches
Joni McMullen
Writer and expert11 months ago
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Want to put on lean muscle but not sure where to start? Marino provides the inspiration, with four midday meals specifically designed to contribute to building mass.  

From light Buddha bowls to new spins on nostalgic classics, these recipes will see you through the week — and help you reach your muscle-building goals.  

Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Spice up your lunchtime menu with this buffalo chicken wrap. Quick and easy to make, this simple lunch will help you meet your protein goals.  

And you can even easily double up the ingredients to make extra portions for the rest of the week.  


  • 170g chicken breast 
  • 2 wraps  
  • Buffalo/hot Sauce 
  • Lettuce  
  • Tomatoes  


  • Preheat the oven to 180C, and bake the chicken until fully cooked. 
  • Once cooked, shred your chicken and mix in a bowl with your buffalo or hot sauce. 
  • Put your lettuce and tomatoes in your wrap along with your shredded chicken.  
  • Roll your wrap and then pop onto the frying pan to crisp up the wrap and hold it in place.  
  • Cut in half and enjoy!  
Protein Carbs Fat
45g 65g 13g


Salmon Buddha Bowl

Fancy keeping it light on your lunch break? Try this salmon Buddha bowl packed full of protein and essential nutrients, and paired with rice and salad for filling and satisfying meal.  


  • 180g salmon  
  • 200g rice 
  • Salad  
  • Tomato 
  • Avocado
  • Salt  
  • Kimchi  


  • Season your salmon with salt and cook in the oven at 180C for 10-12 minutes. 
  • Cook your rice for 20 minutes in boiling water.  
  • To build your bowl, place your salmon, rice, salad, tomato, avocado and kimchi in the bowl. 
  • Serve and enjoy.  
Protein Carbs Fat
46g 62g 20g


Tuna Pasta  

A classic midday meal. Get nostalgic with Marino’s take on tuna pasta.  


  • 1 tin of tuna  
  • 100g pasta  
  • 20g light mayo  
  • Cherry tomatoes  
  • Spring onions  
  • Protein cheese  


  • Boil your pasta in water until cooked.  
  • Drain the water from the pasta, then add the tuna, tomatoes and light mayo to the pan and mix well.  
  • Add the pasta mixture to a bowl, and top with cheese and spring onions.  
  • Enjoy!  
Protein Carbs Fat
50g 72g 15g


Protein Oats 

Who said that oats were just for breakfast? Marino’s recipe is not just for the morning routine.  

Try this protein oats recipe on your next WFH day, when you fancy something warming on a chilly winter day.  



  • Add the oats and almond milk to a pan and cook over heat.  
  • Once ready, take off the heat and add to a bowl.  
  • In the bowl, add the Impact Whey and mix well. 
  • Top with banana, peanut butter and cinnamon to taste — and enjoy.  
Protein Carbs Fat
48g 68g 19g


Take Home Message

These four delicious lunch recipes will help you stick to your plan and keep you from getting bored eating the same old premade meals every day. Which one are you most excited to try?  

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Joni McMullen
Writer and expert
View Joni McMullen's profile