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Bodybuilder Reveals Gym Bag Essentials, Including Peppa Pig & Dirty Socks

The gym bag; commonly found skulking in the boot of your car, only to see the light of day for that one hour you’re in the gym. You might be vigilant, keeping on top of making sure only your prized gym possessions make their way into the bag. For others, it’s more of a dumping ground – full of empty wrappers, dirty shakers and God knows what else.

For competitive bodybuilder, Arnold Classic winner and Mr. Olympia competitor Ryan Terry, his gym bag looks relatively taken care of. It won’t surprise you to know that it’s packed full of supplements, lifting accessories, and few other stragglers.


“Maltodextrin is key for me while I’m training. Pre, intra and post-workout, all of my shakes have a carb source in it. And Maltodextrin is my go-to at the minute. It mixes really easily, it’s cheap, cheerful and does the job… Perfect for getting your calories in and to help with your training.”


This speaks for itself. Training without headphone is a huge red flag. You’ve got to have a lot of trust in the music being played out loud in the gym. But even then, during a heavy session we need our music so loud that it’s pumping straight into our brain. You can catch Ryan enjoying a bit of Boys II Men during his sessions.

Backup headphones

Forgetting your headphones is prime fodder for skipping a session. Not for Ryan. Wireless headphones are a fabulous idea until you forget to charge them. Then you’re in for it. That’s why Ryan’s sorted himself out with a spare.

Peppa Pig

A little toy is essential for between sets… right? Just kidding, Ryan’s son must’ve snuck this in.


An essential in the gym bags of many. Ryan uses these every session. The way he sees it, his muscles can lift heavier than his grip can stand so why let his hands take the brunt of it?

Knee wraps

Knees and joints need protecting. When squatting and doing a heavy leg press he makes full use of his knee wraps. But only for the odd session, he doesn’t rely on them. Regardless, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, we’re all for taking measures to boost longevity.

Wrist straps

Another lifting accessory. Again, to avoid putting unnecessary strain on his wrists, particularly when pressing heavy.

Impact Whey Protein

“Can’t do anything without whey protein. I typically take that straight after training, so I always have it with me. I mix two scoops with my Maltodextrin. Some people might say that it’s a bit excessive but I always like to have a little bit more, especially in my off-season, than a little bit less and being under what I need.”

Lifting belt

Ryan doesn’t use his belt often. He believes his core strength should be solid and that he should be able to lift without significant risk. He’s had back problems in the past by trying to lift too heavy and doesn’t want the belt to lull him into a false sense of security. Nevertheless, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail.’

Heating muscle serum

A new edition to the gym bag, it’s important to keep the contents fresh. This particular potion is amazing for deep tissue work. Ryan uses it to warm up the muscle joints when he has any aches and pains to get the blood flowing.


“It’s important all year round. It’s the only proven supplementation that actually works.” He’s right, creatine has been tested within an inch of it’s life. Don’t take my word for it. Take our nutritionist Richie’s word.


“Pre and intra-workout, I take this and I also take it fasted in the morning before my cardio, or while I’m doing my cardio. All your essential amino acids and it’s got electrolytes too which helps with hydration when you’re training.”

Dirty pair of socks

It’s a bit gross, but don’t pretend like you’ve never had a grotty pair of socks knocking about at the bottom of your bag before…

Take home message

Now you know how to pack your bag like a professional bodybuilder. Just don’t forget the dirty socks – they’re essential.



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