5 Protein Packed Ways To Elevate Your Double Dough Brownie

If our new combination of cookie and brownie dough doesn’t already sound mouth-watering enough, we’ve compiled a list of how you can elevate it to make a delicious protein packed dessert. 


What is Double Dough Brownie?

From white chocolate marshmallow to chunky chocolate, choose your favourite to make your usual protein snack better and more indulgent than ever. 

Delivering you 14g of protein per serving and high fibre all in an indulgent brownie with a delicious cookie dough base.


1. Double Dough Sundae

Swap out your regular ice cream dessert for a protein sundae topped with chunks of double dough. To make it even more mouth-watering, pop double dough in the microwave for a few seconds for gooey brownie chunks.  

For an extra boost of protein (and deliciousness), drizzle peanut butter over the top and thank us later.

What You Need: 


2. Protein Pancake Topping 

Want Sunday morning pancakes whilst boosting your macros as well? Top your usual protein pancakes off with double dough chunks.  

For white chocolate and vanilla pancake goodness, add our vanilla protein powder to your usual pancake recipe and top with white chocolate and marshmallow double dough brownies.  

If your vice is chocolate, simply swap out your vanilla protein for chocolate, and top with chunky chocolate double dough. Mouth-watering yet? 

What You Need: 


3. Double Dough Cookies 

Your usual chocolate chip cookies but better. Chop up your double dough brownies and add them like chocolate chips to your normal cookie recipe. These bites of protein should melt into the cookie dough in the oven, adding a boost of protein to your normal cookies.  

What You Need: 


4. Blend up into a milkshake with protein powder

Blend all your ingredients together with your double dough brownie and watch the magic happen.  

Delivering you upwards of 35 grams of protein, this is ideal for a shake to accompany you on a movie night after a big gym session. 

What You Need: 


5. Double Dough S’mores

Melt together marshmallows and our protein chocolate spread to sandwich between two double dough brownies. This chocolatey, marshmallow goodness delivers you upwards of 20 grams of protein, whilst tasting like a dessert worthy of a cheat day. 

This dessert is not for the faint of heart, definitely one for those with a major sweet tooth. 

What You Need: 


Take Home Message: 

If you’re counting macros to reach your goals but still need that chocolate fix, we think you’ll definitely find a new favourite treat out of these recipes. Whether it be a Sunday morning breakfast treat, or a late-night snack to go alongside your movie marathon.

Swap between chunky chocolate and white chocolate marshmallow to find your favourite recipe companion and thank us later. 

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