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Tasty Fakeaway Recipes From 90p | High-Protein & Low-Cost

Tasty Fakeaway Recipes From 90p | High-Protein & Low-Cost
Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert1 year ago
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It’s no secret that the cost of living is rising, and some people are cutting down on spending. Takeaways are likely one of the first things on the chopping block. But saving pennies doesn’t mean cutting back on flavour and fun. This is where fakeaways come in.

If you’re new around here, it’s a simple concept. These recipes mean you can recreate your favourite takeaway dishes in the comfort of your own home. So you can put your takeaway menus back in the drawer and delete those food delivery apps. It’s time to whip out your wooden spoon and head into the kitchen.

For reference, all costs have been worked out from prices on ASDA online. When possible I've priced each ingredient according to suggested portion sizes, excluding spices. As you can imagine, it’s a challenge figuring out how much a teaspoon of a spice costs. When in doubt I've priced it up as £0.10. Once you’ve bought a dried spice, you should be able to store it in a cupboard for a while.

Smash Burgers

You won’t be craving a takeaway burger after you make this one for the first time. Cheesy, saucy and full of flavour — a burger lover's dream come true. And at £2.13, it’s definitely cheaper than your local.

Protein: 41g | Carbs: 29g | Fat: 26g | Calories: 526kcal

300g Lean beef mince £1.86
2 slices Monterey Jack Cheese £0.75
1 tbsp. ketchup £0.16
1 tbsp. mayonnaise £0.12
½ tsp. English mustard £0.40
2 tbsp. chopped gherkins £0.11
2 brioche buns £0.30
Lettuce £0.23
Red onion £0.20
Tomato £0.12
Total (for two servings) £4.25
Total per serving £2.13

Chicken Curry Gyros

A little taste of Greece with an Indian twist. When you dig into these fusion gyros, you’ll have to remind yourself that you’re still in the same place.

Protein: 40g | Carbs: 52g | Fat: 17.5g | Calories: 541kcal

500g chicken thighs £2.50
200g plain yoghurt £0.18
1 tbsp. curry powder £0.10
1 tsp. sweet paprika £0.10
1 tsp. garam masala £0.10
½ a lemon £0.10
1 chilli £0.08
1 handful mint £0.10
200g plain yoghurt £0.18
1 garlic clove £0.05
¼ tsp. cumin £0.10
¼ tsp. garam masala £0.10
2 peppers £0.92
4 flatbreads £0.73
Tomatoes £0.45
1 red onion £0.20
Mango chutney £0.17
Total (for four servings) £6.16
Total per serving £1.54

Beef crunch wraps

If Taco Bell is your go-to, swap in these beef crunch wraps for your Friday night dinner. And the best part, you can modify it with whatever fillings you fancy. Use vegan mince to make it a plant-based treat. Or if you like your mouth stinging from spice, throw in a few more chillies.

Protein: 32g | Carbs: 37g | Fat: 20g | Calories: 467kcal

500g lean beef mince £3.10
1 red onion £0.20
1 pack of taco seasoning £0.70
50g light cheddar £0.40
100g mozzarella £0.40
5 tbsp. salsa £0.28
100g soured cream £0.40
Tomato £0.12
Lettuce £0.23
5 tortilla wraps £0.66
Total (for five servings) £6.49
Total per serving £1.30

Salt and pepper chips

I can’t place an order at my local Chinese without a side of salt and pepper chips. I'm partial to a 50/50. Half chips, half rice. Don't knock it until you try it. And with this simple salt and pepper chips recipe, I'm adding chips to all my midweek meals. It'd be rude not to.

Protein: 7.1g | Carbs: 55.6g | Fat: 7.7g | Calories: 332kcal

450g Maris piper potatoes £0.23
1 small onion £0.20
1 pepper £0.46
2 chillies £0.16
1 tsp. Chinese five spice £0.10
1 tsp. ground white pepper £0.10
½ tsp. garlic granules £0.10
1 tsp. fine salt £0.10
1 tsp. chilli flakes £0.10
Spring onions £0.40
Chillies £0.16
Total (for two servings) £2.11
Total per serving £1.06

Chicken burger

You’re not British if you don’t know your Nando's order by heart. And if you’re not ordering the chicken burger, we can’t get on board. But either way, Nando's will be going straight out the window after you’ve made your own chicken burger. And for £1.45 you’ll be making it every night of the week.

Protein: 59.4g | Carbs: 48.6g | Fat: 11.9g | Calories: 468kcal

80g spicy tortilla chips £0.20
1 tsp. chilli powder £0.10
1 tsp. garlic granules £0.10
1 tsp. Paprika £0.10
4 chicken breasts £4.15
1 egg £0.14
50g cornflour £0.15
4 sesame seed burger buns £0.50
Handful lettuce leaves £0.23
2 tomatoes £0.12
Total (for four servings) £5.79
Total per serving £1.45

Peri peri chicken

If a burger isn’t your go-to order at Nando’s, I'm judging you but I'm not going to leave you high and dry. You can try this delish peri peri chicken instead. And believe me, you’re in for a treat.

Protein: 42g | Carbs: 67g | Fat: 26g | Calories: 656kcal

2 red peppers £0.92
1 red onion £0.20
1 lemon £0.10
4 garlic cloves £0.20
1 tbsp. Oregano £0.10
1 tbsp. paprika £0.10
2 chillies £0.16
4 chicken breasts £4.15
1kg Maris Piper potatoes £0.47
1 tsp. paprika £0.10
1 tsp. garlic granules £0.10
½ tsp. chilli powder £0.10
4 corn on the cob £1.29
Total (for four servings) £7.99
Total per serving £1.99

Sweet & sour chicken

Pineapple on a pizza is a no from us, but pineapple in sweet and sour is a whole different story. Zingy and sweet with melt-in-the-mouth pineapple. Our taste buds are singing.

Protein: 32g | Carbs: 70g | Fat: 12g | Calories: 496kcal

90ml Sugar-Free Tomato Ketchup £0.11
3 tbsp. cornflour £0.15
1 tsp. Paprika £0.10
1 tsp. salt and pepper £0.10
1 tsp. garlic granules £0.10
350g chicken breast £2.07
1 onion £0.20
3 cloves of garlic £0.15
1 thumb-sized cube of ginger £0.20
2 tbsp. malt vinegar £0.10
1/2 a tin pineapple chunks £0.60
1 tsp. corn flour £0.05
1 handful sugar snap peas £0.50
125g long grain rice £0.20
1 small handful sesame seeds £0.10
1 spring onion £0.10
Total (for three servings) £4.83
Total per serving £1.61

BBQ chicken pizza & garlic dip

Takeaway pizza is arguably one of the most expensive takeaways Personally, I always feel a little let down after it’s been delivered. But that’s not a problem with this recipe. Making pizza yourself is so much fun and so worth it. And you can even make the best bit: garlic dip.

Protein: 29.3g | Carbs: 21.7g | Fat: 11g | Calories: 293kcal

1 chicken breast £1.18
½ red pepper £0.23
½ red onion £0.10
1 tbsp. tomato puree £0.10
1 flatbread £0.18
50g mozzarella £0.30
15g sweetcorn £0.05
1 tsp. oregano £0.10
150g Greek yoghurt £0.25
1 tbsp. oregano £0.10
1 garlic clove £0.05
½ lemon £0.05
Total (for three servings) £2.69
Total per serving £0.90

Chicken katsu curry

A firm –favourite of fans of Japanese food, so it would be rude not to include it. You can’t go wrong with this tasty meal, even on a budget. Crispy, saucy chicken. My tummy is rumbling.

Protein: 33g | Carbs: 73g | Fat: 16g | Calories: 552kcal

1 large chicken breast £1.18
1 egg £0.14
30g plain flour £0.02
50g panko breadcrumbs £0.89
1 onion £0.20
2 carrots £0.20
2cm cube ginger £0.20
2 garlic cloves £0.10
1 tsp chilli paste £0.10
2 tbsp curry powder £0.20
1 tsp turmeric £0.10
1 mug chicken stock £0.05
200ml light coconut milk £0.30
1 tbsp. soy sauce £0.10
1 tbsp. honey £0.10
Basmati rice £0.50
Total (for two servings) £4.48
Total per serving £2.24

Vegan “meatball” sub

Last but absolutely not least, we’ve got your new favourite sandwich. And better yet, it’s totally vegan. The perfect tea for a meat-free Monday, it’s sure to keep your hand out of the drawer with the takeaway menus.

Protein: 29.2g | Carbs: 65.8g | Fat: 11g | Calories: 498kcal

400g vegan mince £2.00
2 garlic cloves £0.10
500g passata £0.40
4 sub rolls £0.80
120g vegan mozzarella £0.92
Total (for four servings) £4.22
Total per serving £1.06

Take Home Message

Whether you’re trying to cut back on spending, cutting back on takeaways in general, or just after some new meal ideas, these fakeaway recipes should give you plenty to think about. Hit the shops, pick up your ingredients, and get cooking.



Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert
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