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Hybrid Athlete Attempts Ultimate Fitness Test

Let me introduce you to Lucy Davis. Lucy used to swim for Great Britain, is an experienced powerlifter and recently ran her first ultramarathon. Lucy loves a challenge, so it’s not a surprise to hear she was part of the recent Myprotein ambassador meetup taking on the ultimate fitness test at Farm Fitness.

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What is Farm Fitness?

Farm Fitness is located deep in the idyllic Essex countryside. A world away from typical commercial gyms, their focus is on functional fitness for everybody in a friendly but competitive environment.

This last point is important: Farm Fitness is no walk in the park, and its obstacle course will test even the most experienced strongmen and women. To succeed, you need to work as a team.

The ultimate fitness test events

A true competitor by nature, Lucy was determined to win. And she got stuck in immediately. Before the event started, she tried out the monkey bars, which she ended up regretting, as she tore the skin on her hands.

For the event, the group was split into two teams. First, they completed a warm-up to prevent injuries, and then got stuck into it.

Never skip a warm-up. Here’s why:

First up was the rope climb. It was absolutely gruelling on their hands, and Lucy even lost a nail. That was quickly followed by box rolls, which is exactly how it sounds: rolling a box across a field. Then tyre pulls, more rope climbs, more tyre pulls, tyre toss, and burpees with an added obstacle. Lucy was exhausted. Considering she’s an ultramarathon runner, it must have been a serious workout.

But Lucy’s competitive nature was never going to let her take it easy. Her team simply had to win, so she had to push herself through it.

For one of the events, the four members of Lucy’s team had to carry a huge tyre for one lap of the field. They could lift it however they wanted as long as they followed one simple rule: it couldn’t touch the floor.

Being one of the smaller members of the team, Lucy was at an immediate disadvantage. But she powered through anyway. To finish off the day’s events, they were required to do tyre squats and tyre chest presses. It was tough, but they managed it.

While the events were all difficult and left Lucy with torn-up hands and a missing nail, she still had plenty of fun, even if she wasn’t too keen to do it all over again anytime soon.

Lucy’s strengths tend to be more solitary exercises than team-based workouts. It can be a lonely business, so sometimes group activities are a welcome change.

The day came to a close, and it was time to find out who the winners were. Lucy won “Fittest on the Farm” and a congratulatory box of donuts.


Take home message

Could you have beaten Lucy in the ultimate fitness test to be the fittest on the farm? Or would you have tapped out as soon as the rope burn set in? I think I know what I would have done. Despite the challenge of the day, Lucy and the team enjoyed themselves. And at least Lucy can now add “Fittest on the Farm” to her impressive resume.

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Emily Wilcock

Emily Wilcock

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Emily is studying Business Management & Marketing at the University of Birmingham and is currently on her intern year. She has a keen interest in both writing and fitness, so is happy she can now combine the two. She likes to spend time with her friends, both in & out of the gym.