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The Scoop Episode 1: Is It Healthy To Train Just To Look Good?

The Scoop Episode 1: Is It Healthy To Train Just To Look Good?
Monica Green
Writer and expert3 years ago
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The Scoop is your route into the thoughts of athletes and fitness influencers on the most talked about and controversial topics in the fitness industry. Get ready for your opinions on sports and fitness to be challenged.

What’s in the First Episode? 

This week's episode is all about aesthetics.  

Ask yourself, why do you exercise? Is it to squat more and more each week? Or do you measure gym success by how defined your abs are that week? 

Join intuitive movement expert Tally Rye and bodybuilder Lubomba Munkuli as they navigate this tricky topic. With different perspectives on healthy ways to train, Tally and Lubomba offer up a lot of food for thought about our reasons for exercising and whether they’re good for us 

Your perspective on exercise will be completely flipped on its head in this one. 

Is it unhealthy mentally to train purely for aesthetics? Or is there nothing wrong with a six-pack being your motivation? Maybe our focus should be on strength and endurance goals rather than that six pack?

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Monica Green
Writer and expert
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