Here’s Some Fun Training Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

We’re almost there. We’ve almost made back to gyms being open. For some though, that might still be some time away. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with so inspo from our instagram to give you a few ideas.


Partner Body Weight Exercises


Find Yourself A Nice Hill


Couple’s US Airforce Fitness Test

Maybe not the first thing you think about when doing a couples workout, but it seems it was for @Mattdoesfitness. He had his wife perform the US Airforce’s Basic Military Training Physical Fitness Test, which is:

  • 1 minute of push-ups
  • 1 minute of sit-ups
  • A 1.5 mile run

Sounds tough but they both smashed it. Sarah doesn’t even look tired. You can check out the full challenge here.

Warning: can get really competitive.


Dance-workout routine

Zack and his girlfriend, Sam, have got some moves in this one. Not only are they showing off their strength, but keeping that in time with the music is tough. Why not try it as a couples home workout yourself? It’s sure to get those shoulders burning.

For those who like to choreograph dance routines (and boss about your SO), you could even make up your own. Just choose a song and create a workout to the beat.

Post and tag us at @MyproteinAU. We want to see you bust a move.


The Koala Challenge

The biggest couples workout challenge: climbing around your partner like they’re a tree and you’re a koala.

You need a strong tree though — specifically with strong legs — and someone you can trust to not fall over. If you’re the koala, you’ll probably need strong everything (with mainly the courage to move). Even if you can’t do this one, it’s a huge laugh to try.


The Dog Workout

Who says your workout buddy has to be human? Georgia’s dog makes a great couples workout partner. In fact, he’s way more motivating than your average PT.

We wouldn’t recommend this Great Dane though. That could end badly for everyone.


Put on some music and have fun

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Monday Motivation 🔥 This mornings workout had some banging tunes so we got a bit distracted but we still worked up a sweat with this awesome circuit. If I’m looking for a quick workout, I’ll always programme a 1. Upper body strength exercise 2. Lower body strength exercise 3. Cardio. Then I’ll repeat that again for circuit 2 but change the cardio for a core exercise. Usually 9-10 exercises in total. 2-3 rounds so 20-30 mins in total. No more is usually needed if you are working at full capacity. 🤜🏻 Email me for customised programming during lockdown. 📧 – DB Reverse Lunges Kettlebell Swings Burpees Tricep Dips Devils Press A-Jacks Double/Single Unders Bicycle Crunches- 8 count slow/fast Spider Burpees Interval Timer: 40 secs on/ 20 rest x 2 rounds Core Finisher: 10 Cherry Bombs 10 Alt Toe Touches 10 V Sit-Ups 10 Hollow Rocks x 3 rounds #lockdownfitness #fitfriends #fitfam #quarantineworkout #mondaymotivation #fitgirls #fitnessmotivation #dancing #fitnesslife #healthiswealth #positivemindset #staystrong #motivated #disciplined #ukfitfam #femaleworkoutvideos #workoutvideos

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We know music gets a lot of you through your workouts, so let’s turn up the volume and get moving.

The best way to tackle any workout with someone else is to just exercise and have fun. The more you make it a laugh, the less it feels like hard work — it’s a win-win really.

Kirsty clearly does this. She knows when to get serious with those reps and when to have a laugh. Her and her friend do their circuit while smiling the whole time, which is the whole point of working out with someone else anyway (SO or not).

Find their circuit in the post’s caption and try to have half the fun they did.


Take home message

Creative workouts are a great way to stay motivated and keep things fun? Try some new challenges, routines, or just workout and have a laugh.

Send us videos of you getting creative and working out — we might feature you on the next one.

Enjoy trying these workouts?


Here's Some Fun Training Exercises You Can Do Anywhere


Here's Some Fun Training Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

These will make or break your relationship...

2020-06-02 15:33:24By Evangeline Howarth

Here's Some Fun Training Exercises You Can Do Anywhere


Here's Some Fun Training Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

These will make or break your relationship...

2020-06-02 15:33:24By Evangeline Howarth

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