Halloween ‘Dirt’ Pudding Cups

Get in the festive spirit with these spooky treats that won’t knock your macros.

This sweet and simple pudding from @healthy_floflo is the ideal recipe to scare away your hunger cravings at the end of the day or after a workout.

A fun and festive autumnal treat to get you in the mood for the spooky season, with a hefty 24g of protein per serving, it’s spot on for helping you hit your protein targets and support your gym progress in a super-tasty way.

We recommend making up a batch in bulk and keeping it in the fridge for whenever the munchies come to haunt you and you need a quick solution that won’t knock your macros off track.

Makes 1



  1. In a bowl, add the yogurt, protein powder, and maple syrup. Mix until smooth.

  2. Next, place the Oreo cookies in a plastic sandwich bag or clean tea towel and smash with a rolling pin or bottom of a mug until completely crumbled.  

  3. Now, it’s time to assemble. Alternate layers of crumbled cookies and yoghurt mix in a tumbler-style glass. Make sure that the last layer is made of the crumbled cookies, as this will be the “mud” for the worms.

  4. Garnish by placing the worms on top of the pudding. Flo says 3 is a good amount, but it’s up to you!

  5. Dig in.

Nutritional Facts

Amount per serving

Calories 369
Total Fat 5.3g
Total Carbohydrates 67g
Protein 24.2g

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