Which Australian Athletes Could Earn The Most On Instagram?

Australia has no shortage of talent when it comes to professional sports, with countless world-class athletes calling the country their home. And with all the medals and trophies come some pretty impressive paydays, with stars at the top of their game earning millions of dollars each year. But what happens after the whistle blows?

With loyal social media followings, some of Australia’s most well-known athletes could have successful careers as influencers, but who has the highest earning potential? To find out more, we looked at some of our biggest sporting stars and worked out just how much money they could earn sharing sponsored posts on Instagram.

1.      David Warner – $54,510 per post

Taking the top spot on our Australian athletes Instagram rich list is cricketer David Warner. With over 6.9 million followers on Instagram, Warner could charge up to $54,510 for a single sponsored post on his account.

Posting once a month would see him earn $654,120 a year, while posting weekly would see this figure rise to a whopping $2,834,520.

2.      Ben Simmons – $45,820 per post

Second place in our rich list goes to Ben Simmons. The Philadelphia 76ers’ point guard has been taking the NBA by storm and growing his social media following in the process. With over 5.8 million followers on Instagram, Simmons has the potential to earn $45,820 per post on his account.

Simmons could earn an annual salary of $549,840 if he shared one sponsored post per month, or $2,382,640 is he posted once per week.

3.      Daniel Ricciardo – $44,240 per post

Formula One star Daniel Ricciardo comes in third place, with his 5.6 million followers giving him an earning potential of $44,240 per post.

Sharing one sponsored post per month would see Ricciardo bring home $530,880 each year, while posting weekly would see this increase to $2,300,480.

4.      Steve Smith – $21,330 per post

Coming in fourth place is Steve Smith, the second cricketer to feature on our rich list. With over 2.7 million followers on Instagram, Smith has the potential to charge $21,330 for a sponsored post on his account.

If he posted once a month, Smith would earn an annual salary of $255,960, while weekly posts would see him earn $1,109,160.

5.      Nick Kyrgios – $13,430 per post

Rounding out our top five is tennis star Nick Kyrgios, whose 1.7 million Instagram followers give him an earning potential of $13,430 per post.

Sharing one sponsored post per month would see Kyrgios earn $161,160 per year, while posting once a week would see him take home an annual salary of $698,360.

Take Home Message

While Australia’s top athletes are earning millions of dollars each year for their sporting talent, some of them could also be enjoying big paydays on social media.

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We compiled a list of the Australian athletes with the largest numbers of followers on Instagram. Potential earnings were then calculated using an average figure of $0.0079 per follower.

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