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Japanese Garlic Prawns

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Japanese Garlic Prawns


Japanese Garlic Prawns a delicious creamy sauce packing a great flavour into the juicy prawns. It’s a real culinary treat without being difficult to make and with 22 grams of protein and only 158 calories before adding the rice it’s a great meal!


You will need:


Chicken Stock Cube/ Fresh stock – 1 or 2 Cubes (Make up 1.5 ltrs of stock)

Single Cream 150ml

Garlic 3 - 6 Cloves

White Wine Vinegar – 3 Tbsp

Dry Mustard Powder – 1 Tbsp

Butter – 25g

Plain Flour – 25g

Prawns – 600g (100g Per Person)




Firstly start by melting the butter in a pan and adding the flour mix together until it makes a dough like ball, a ladle spoon at a time of chicken stock

Remember - keep stirring, once all the stock has gone add the chopped garlic cloves, Mustard Powder and white wine vinegar.

Bring to the boil and add the Prawns on a medium heat until thoroughly cooked

Once prawns cooked remove from the heat add salt and pepper to taste and single cream

Japanese Prawns

To Serve:


Serve with plain brown rice cooked until soft while still very hot mix in 2 raw egg whites and chopped chives.

This recipe serves 6 people

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