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Rugby is a fast-paced, high-intensity contact sport that requires dedication, determination and a whole lot of physical preparation, which is why we’re backing elite teams in both Rugby Union and Rugby League.

We’re proud to partner Rugby Union side Sale Sharks and Rugby League’s St. Helens RFC, Warrington Wolves, London Broncos and Toronto Wolfpack. We fuel their ambitions with the supplements they need to succeed at the highest level.

“Myprotein are a highly reputable sports nutrition company — with some of our current players’ personal recommendations behind them. They’re able to offer a vast, high-quality range of products… it made perfect sense to seize this opportunity when it came about." - Rick Swaby, Head of Sport Science at Sale Sharks

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Achieve More With The Right Nutrition

"What happens in the gym is the foundation of what happens on the pitch…To neglect the preparation stage of an athlete is fundamentally flawed and massively elevates risk." - Matt Daniels, Head of Strength & Conditioning at St. Helens RFC. 

Your performance on the pitch starts with what you put in the tank — that’s where our cutting-edge, Sports Informed tested range can make all the difference. Whether looking to pack on mass, improve your fitness level, or speed up your recovery, we have something to push you further.

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