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What is Low Carb Protein Powder?

Low carb protein shakes are ideal if you want to keep your carbohydrate intake low whilst still giving your muscles protein to support muscle growth - ideal for maximising gains. Our products are suitable for those on different lifestyle, so if you're vegan or vegetarian, we still have a product for you.

With our Impact Whey Isolate holding the #2 position for quality rated by independent tester Labdoor, you can ensure our products are of the highest quality and standards.

And Myprotein has been certified AA Grade for Food Safety, highlighting how we take our product's quality seriously.


What's the best low-carb protein powder for keto?

Virtually all of our protein powders would be a great option for keto dieters, however if you're looking for the lowest carbohydrate per serving option our range of whey protein isolate products would be best!

Can you use protein powder on a keto diet?

Yes, virtually all protein only powders will be keto friendly.

What's the best low-carb protein powder for meal replacements?

Our Total Protein Blend is an excellent option. However, if you're after a more traditional meal replacement, our Keto Blend is perfect! Providing energy from healthy fats and giving you a great serving of protein too!

What are the benefits of low-carb protein powder?

Low-carb protein powders are great for those following certain diets, like the keto diet, or have particular health conditions which require restricted carbohydrate intakes. It also ensures that you're getting a very high dose of protein per serving with most other nutritional components being removed.

Is low-carb protein powder gluten-free?

Virtually all of our low-carb protein powders will be gluten free.

Is low-carb protein powder vegan?

Not necessarily, but we do stock a range of vegan friendly, low carb protein isolates and blends!

Is low-carb protein powder vegetarian?

Yes, however if you choose to avoid dairy products we also stock a range of vegan friendly, low carb protein isolates and blends!