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In order to get the best results from your training, pre-workout nutrition should be a top priority. Here at Myprotein we work hard to provide you with a range of unique blends and formulas to ensure that you get the right preparation for your workout.

From handy tablets and capsules to powders, shakes and drinks, these products are perfect for those looking to achieve that extra edge in competition or in the gym.

Pre-workout Shakes

We've got the ultimate variety of pre-workout shakes, such as Creapump, Pulse V4 and Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate, as well as formulas designed to be taken by endurance athletes, such as Pro:Long and TriCarb. Our blends contain a mixture of protein, amino acids, creatine monohydrate, caffeine and carbohydrates so that you can enjoy your workout to the full every time.

Pre-workout Snacks & Drinks

If you're running on a tight schedule, there's nothing better than having a pre-workout snack or drink to hand. Our ready-to-shake formulas eliminate the need for a shaker and can be stored in your bag to be consumed at your convenience. Our Hurricane XS bar is an excellent pre-workout snack option as it contains creatine monohydrate, which is known to increase physical performance for high-intensity exercise.

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