Time to get started

Time to get started

Check out the plant-based products we’ve chosen to get you shedding those pounds

Your vegan-friendly weight-loss journey begins...

Diet Gel

DIET:GEL is a unique concentrated gel that contains glucomannan, which in the context of an energy restricted diet contributes to weight loss*. Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fibre that is derived from konjac root.

In addition to the benefits of Glucomannan, DIET:GEL also contains L Carnitine and Green Tea Extract.

• Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

• Helps promote weight loss


Soy Protein Isolate

Unbeatable plant-based power – our formula is made from defatted soy beans, using an innovative process to minimise fats and carbohydrates, and maximise the protein content to an impressive 27g per serving. Perfect for increasing your protein intake without taking on unwanted calories. 

• 90% protein content

• Zero sugar and zero fat content

• Choose from four delicious flavours


Baked Cookie

Our deliciously rich chocolate cookie is baked using pea protein, coconut oil, stevia for added sweetness, and a generous sprinkling of dark chocolate to create a truly indulgent treat. It’s the perfect alternative to satisfy sweet-tooth cravings without derailing your diet plan! 

• High in protein 

• Baked with quality natural ingredients

• Great for on-the-go


Green Tea Extract

The ultimate all-natural extract – made solely from leaves of the Camellia Sinesis plant, which has traditionally been used in Chinese medicine. Each of our green tea tablets contain 30mg of polyphenols, which are packed with antioxidants and have been linked to fat loss. A perfect instant pick-me-up.  

• Concentrated form of green tea

• Contains 30mg polyphenols 

• Convenient tablet form 

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