Time to get started

Time to get started

Check out these veggie-friendly personal picks to boost your everyday health

Improving your wellbeing begins with these…

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Peanut Butter

Go nuts for this natural source of protein! Our blend of roasted peanuts is completely free from added salt, sugar, palm oil and preservatives – making this cupboard classic a sweet and simple way to hit protein requirements in a healthy way. 

Key Benefits:

• Contains magnesium which contributes to reduced fatigue

• Added vitamin E, contributing to protection of cells from oxidative stress 

• Choose from Original Smooth, Crunchy or Coconut


Impact Whey Protein

Protein is a key nutrient used by your body to build and repair tissues – our formula makes sure you hit daily requirements without having to eat meat or meal prep. Ranked Grade A by independent tester Labdoor for both quality and value, this blend is officially certified as one of the best protein powders on the market – plus it’s just 103 calories per serving!

• Huge 21g protein per serving

• 4.5g BCAAs

• Massive range of delicious flavours


Protein Brownie

Our brownies are a quick, convenient way to boost protein and carb intake without taking on unnecessary calories from added sugar. We’ve baked chocolate chips with heaps of delicious cocoa powder to give you a melt-in-your-mouth sensation that’s perfect for satisfying sweet-tooth cravings – eating healthily never tasted so good!

• 23g protein per brownie

• 27g carbs per brownie 

• Up to 75% less sugar than supermarket alternatives


Vegan Vitamin D3

Stock up on the sunshine vitamin – our convenient softgel capsules are a weather-proof way to get all the great health benefits of vitamin D, which mainly comes from exposure to the sun. It contributes to the normal function of the immune system, and the maintenance of normal bones, teeth and muscle function – a real boost for your body! 

• Packed with 1000iu of vitamin D

• Higher bioavailability than conventional vitamin D3 tablets

• Convenient daily supplement

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